Dr. Yervant Zorian, AGBU Central Board Member and Founder of AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC), recently visited the AGBU chapter in Córdoba, Argentina. While there, he met with the Chapter leaders and members of both the Youth League and the Ladies Committee. During this visit to the AGBU Chapter, Dr. Zorian presented the progress made by AVC, which, to date, has served over 2,700 students from 63 countries. He was very pleased to visit the dynamic Córdoba chapter and witness the great opportunities it offers to the Armenian community of Córdoba. Accompanied by AGBU Central Board Member and Buenos Aires Chapter Chair Mr. Rubén Kechichian, Dr. Zorian visited Surp Kevork Church and Sahag Mesrob School. AVC, an educational program founded by Zorian in 2009, offers an Armenian education to Armenians all over the world, regardless of age, place of residence or level of knowledge. With new technologies, it provides students the opportunity to learn through virtual interactions with classmates and their online instructor. Moreover, online tools help expand the possibilities for students to interact with their peers around the world and establish new friendships. AVC offers classes, for varying skill levels, in three departments: Language, History and Culture. To reach AVC’s goal of making Armenian education accessible worldwide, courses are available in seven languages: Armenian (Eastern & Western), English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The meeting at the AGBU Córdoba Chapter was attended by AGBU Córdoba Chair Javier Petenian, President of the Armenian Community of Córdoba Eduardo Guedikian and his Steering Committee, Pastor of the Saint Kevork Church of Córdoba Father Ieremia Khachatryan, and former AGBU Córdoba chairs Artin Bilikian, Ricardo Erezian, Juan Guedikian, Juan Nourikhan and Adriana Torcomian. Many young, active members of the chapter joined the meeting. Dr. Zorian spoke with local youth who have already taken advantage of AVC, as well as dozens of prospective students who were eager to explore the AVC course offerings in Armenian culture, history and language. Pointing to the success of the AGBU Marie Manoogian School in Buenos Aires, which has incorporated AVC into its current curriculum, Dr. Zorian discussed the possibility of doing the same in Córdoba’s Armenian elementary and middle schools. Participants left the meeting ready to enroll in classes offered by AVC.


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