AGBU Summer Youth Programs throughout the world offer something for young people of nearly every age group. Over 500 Diasporan youths visited Armenia during the summer of 2013 through AGBU’s Antranik Scout Camp, Yerevan Summer Internship Program, Discover Armenia, Musical Armenia Program, Arménie, Terre de Vie and AGBU School visits. On August 23, AGBU held a press conference at the Noyan Tapan Press Club to summarize and discuss the summer youth programs. AGBU Armenia Director Arpi Vartanian, AGBU Performing Arts Department Director Hayk Arsenyan (New York) and AGBU Diaspora Youth Programs Coordinator Herminé Duzian (France) spoke with members of the media about AGBU programs. “Armenian youth and their education are critically important for us. These young people represent our hope, our faith and our future. Each summer, through various AGBU programs, Diaspora Armenian youth spend three-six weeks in our homeland, work in different companies and organizations, gain knowledge and experience, make new friends and connections, volunteer in community service projects and rediscover their heritage and identity. Through these programs, they become more connected with Armenia and become stronger Armenians,” said Vartanian. Speaking of the Musical Armenia Program (MAP), Arsenyan said “This is MAP’s second year. Young and talented Armenian musicians from all over the world spend three weeks in Armenia, and become immersed in the cultural and artistic atmosphere of Armenian music -- from classical to spiritual, from folk to Soviet-era, and from jazz to contemporary music. This program provides an opportunity for these musicians to establish a professional career in their homeland. Our participants have received invitations and job offers to stay and work in Armenia. Of the ten participants in 2012, seven stayed in Armenia. This year too, one of our participants received a job offer from the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Symphonic Orchestra. This is a unique and interesting way of repatriation.” Duzian described AGBU’s Discover Armenia program, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. “Through Fuller Center for Housing - Armenia, we worked in Ujan this year helping a teacher’s family build their home. In three days, together, we accomplished an entire month’s work,” said Duzian. AGBU representatives spoke about Antranik Scout Camp, Yerevan Summer Internship Program, and AGBU France’s Arménie, Terre de Vie. The latter brought not only French-Armenians, but also French citizens, interested in visiting Armenia and doing voluntary community service.


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