In 1987, in New York, AGBU established its first internship program, inviting youth of Armenian descent from all over the world to intern at some of the best companies and organizations in New York. Later, three more internship programs were added to the AGBU youth programs, in Paris (2003), Yerevan (2007) and Moscow (2011). This year’s Paris internship program is already underway and three 4th-year students of the French University of Armenia (UFAR), Yevgine Ter-Ohanyan, Lilit Arzoyan and Ani Galstyan are currently interning at prestigious companies such as Estrade, Azad and Harutyunyan law firm, Grant Thornton audit company and Voyage Loisirs tour agency. AGBU Europe has been cooperating with the French University of Armenia since 2005 sponsoring the internships of the best students of UFAR in Paris. One student from the Law, Marketing and Management Departments are selected each year. Between March 24-April 22, these three students will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in Paris - interacting with their peers and making new connections, sightseeing, enjoying the delicious French cuisine and experiencing springtime in Paris. They will also meet with the Armenian community. Since 2005, AGBU has sponsored the internships of 40 UFAR students in Paris.

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