On April 2, AGBU Armenia Director Arpi Vartanian visited the AGBU “Hye Geen” Pregnant Women’s Center in Talin. She met with specialists working at the Center and talked to the women present at the day’s gathering. The women expressed their gratitude to the founders of the Center and to AGBU. The group meetings provide an opportunity for the women to discuss their needs, issues, concerns, and to form long-lasting bonds with one another. With Vartanian, they shared their concerns about the everyday problems they and their families face, such as unemployment, the need for a park for their children, how best to raise their children, and more. AGBU “Hye Geen” Center in Talin was established in 2009. It provides expectant mothers with regular medical examinations, training, pre-natal care and individual meetings and consultations with doctors, psychologists and lawyers. The Center provides care for up to 20 pregnant women at a time. The first AGBU Pregnant Women’s Center was established in 2002 in Gyumri. Later, similar centers were opened in Vanadzor, Talin, Yeghvard and Yerevan. The goal of these centers is to improve the health of pregnant women and reduce the alarming rates of infant mortality and complicated pregnancies in Armenia. To date these centers have served the needs of more than 800 pregnant women. These Centers have become possible through the efforts of AGBU Souther California “Hye Geen” Committee.

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