For years, AGBU has supported Gyumri’s Special School #3 for mentally challenged children. In 2012, through the funds raised by AGBU Manoogian-Demirjian School of California and AGBU Friends in Wisconsin, it became possible to fully reconstruct and renovate the adjacent building of the boarding school, which will serve as a bathhouse and boiler-house. The school had detached a small space in the bathhouse, where three boilers had been installed through the funds provided by AGBU Marseilles. It was used as a boiler house since 2007 to provide hot water to the bathroom and heat the classrooms in wintertime. In 2012, the school applied to AGBU for financial assistance to renovate the adjacent building and use it as a new and more powerful boiler house. The $23,000 USD raised was used to renovate the adjacent building and place new and more powerful boilers, which will secure hot water not only in the bathroom but throughout the school. The school currently uses gas, which contributes to reduced heating expenses. AGBU also provided $1,500 USD to renovate the roof of the school. In the past, rainwater and snow would soak into the children’s bedroom walls, although the holes in the roof were filled with construction garbage. Now, the school has a new thermo-isolated tin roof thanks to AGBU’s financial support. In 2002, AGBU London renovated the corridors and classrooms of the school, and provided it with mattresses and a freezer. Gyumri school #3 was built in 1956. It is home to many mentally challenged children. The school’s professional pedagogical staff spares no efforts to provide these children with education and upbringing.