7th Republican Interschool Chess Championship Underway

Every year, the Armenian Chess Federation and the Republic of Armenia’s Education and Science Ministry, hold the Republican Interschool Chess Tournament sponsored by AGBU. Schoolchildren from all regions of Armenia, as well as Artsakh and Javakhk compete to win. Every year, around 5,000 children participate in the tournament. They go through four challen-ging rounds before receiving their titles. The first phase is held within schools; in the second phase, schools from the same community compete; in the third phase, winners of different communities from the same region participate; and, lastly, the finalists arrive at the national level. Each school team consists of four participants (3 boys and 1 girl). On October 1, the 7th annual tournament began. The second round of the tournament took place on October 25 - November 25. RA Chess Federation Vice-president Smbat Lputyan, AGBU Armenian Representation Director Arpi Vartanian, municipality officials and community heads attended the Yerevan matches between November 17-25. The winning teams will continue to the 3rd round, which will take place in March. The finals of the 7th Interschool Chess Tournament are scheduled for May. AGBU presented participants of Round 2 with special gift desk sets, while the winners also received trophy cups. Grand prizes await the winners of the tournament. The growing interest in chess is evident throughout the republic. The 2011-12 academic year saw the introduction of chess into the secondary school curriculum. Since the beginning of the Olympiad, AGBU has donated a large number of chess sets, chess clocks, large-scale demonstration boards, computers and projectors to the schools, thereby creating a solid base for the development of chess in the republic.





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