New and expectant mothers seeking free, high-quality pre- and post-natal care in Yerevan may now access a full range of services at AGBU Hye Geen’s brand new Arshagouhi Tavitian Pregnant Women’s Center. The Center, the fifth such facility Hye Geen has established across Armenia in the past ten years, was officially unveiled on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. The occasion brought together Hye Geen beneficiaries, friends and supporters who celebrated both a decade of growth and exciting new initiatives that will continue to meet families’ needs in the years ahead. Like the Hye Geen Pregnant Women’s Centers in Gyumri, Talin, Vanadzor and Yeghvart, the Yerevan location is staffed with a team of professionals who equip women with the education and training to improve their well-being and that of their children. Counselors, lawyers, medical practitioners, psychologists and social workers conduct regular one-on-one consultations with the women, while group sessions create solidarity networks that are key sources of their empowerment. Since first opening its doors this past summer, the Arshagouhi Tavitian Pregnant Women’s Center has served dozens of beneficiaries who have been so enthusiastic about their experiences that they requested certificates documenting their participation. The requested certificates were presented at the inaugural event. The positive impact that Hye Geen has had on the lives of those women – and hundreds more – has always inspired the Yerevan facility’s benefactor Mrs. Arshagouhi Tavitian. For close to 20 years, Mrs. Tavitian has dedicated herself to a broad range of Hye Geen projects. She has organized Hye Geen’s lectures and annual conferences in its Southern California base, while contributing to the production of the Hye Geen magazine and educational television programs, raising awareness of issues affecting both women and the broader Armenian community. When presented with the opportunity to help finance a new Pregnant Women’s Center in Yerevan, she did not hesitate to pledge her support. At the Center’s ribbon cutting ceremony, Hye Geen founder Mrs. Sona Yacoubian applauded Mrs. Tavitian for her generous sponsorship. As she describes, “Mrs. Tavitian’s support is helping Hye Geen realize the vision we first laid out almost two decades ago: to aid and empower women. Year after year, we are witnessing a general decline in Armenia’s population, while persistent poverty compromises children’s physical and mental development. However, every day at our Pregnant Women’s Centers, we see women receiving essential care and information – bright young women who are raising a new generation of strong, young Armenians who might change the world.” To date, Hye Geen has helped ensure the delivery of over 1,400 healthy babies, a number that will only continue to rise as it expands its work from the Centers to classrooms. At the Yerevan unveiling, Dean of the Sociology Department of Yerevan State University, Professor Lyudmila Harutounyan, who oversees Hye Geen’s Pregnant Women’s projects in Armenia, described the ways Hye Geen’s training materials are currently being incorporated into the school’s sociology curriculum. It is a natural partnership, as many of the Centers’ staff members are also employed at the university. By bridging theory and practice, Hye Geen is sure to bring more change to the landscape of public health and healthcare in Armenia. The inauguration of the Arshagouhi Tavitian Pregnant Women’s Center, which coincided with AGBU’s 87th General Assembly, marked a new chapter in Hye Geen’s growth. Clothing donations by Hye Geen committee member Anahid Karahagopian and generous donations by Hye Geen supporters Mr. & Mrs. Jacques and Florine Deyirmendjian of France, along with others’ generous donations, are helping to sustain Hye Geen’s efforts. Yet, there is much to do. For instance, the AGBU Hye Geen Center in Talin is in need of extensive infrastructure repairs, while a waiting list of women eager to benefit from Hye Geen’s programs runs long at each of its locations. To learn how to help these mothers and families, please visit: