On the occasion of its 87th General Assembly, the Armenian General Benevolent Union, together with the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, organized an open air concert of Dorians - one of today’s most famous rock bands in Armenia, on October 17, at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Tumanian Park, Halabian 16). Amazing performances by the TUMO kids – Tumorchestra, Tumo Dance and Tumo Band – with unique combination of music and modern technologies opened the concert. The Dorians whipped the crowd of 5,000 into a frenzy with their raw talent and unmistakably unique sound.

DJ Serjo presented a rhythmic musical collage. The concert was accompanied by short videos about AGBU’s activities in Armenia and worldwide. The animated video that opened the concert was prepared by the TUMO kids themselves as a unique present on the occasion of the AGBU’s 87th General Assembly. The concert was AGBU’s gift to the youth and all music lovers.

Cultural and educational programs are an important part of AGBU’s youth activities intended to further develop and strengthen the ties between Armenia and the Diaspora. Among the youth programs carried out by the AGBU are the summer internship programs, scout movements and camps, “Discover Armenia” and “Musical Armenia” programs, Youth Centers and Young Professionals’ groups worldwide. AGBU also sponsors the Armenian Virtual College (AVC), which provides Armenians of all ages and all over the world with a unique opportunity to study their mother language, history and culture in seven different languages.

AGBU is also one of the co-founders and long-year supporters of the American University of Armenia. In the past several years AGBU has also supported the French University in Armenia. Along with these initiatives, on October 15th, on the occasion of the AGBU’s 87th General Assembly, AGBU announced the launch of a new continuous educational project in Nagorno-Karabakh. The new AGBU Educational Center to be established in Stepanakert will house the academic programs of the American University of Armenia (AUA) Extension Program and TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

Through this project, students in Nagorno Karabakh will be offered the opportunity to attend specialized classes such as English language improvement and preparatory classes (TOEFL, GRE/GMAT, etc.) for university entrance exams, as well as free courses of web and graphic design, animation, video production, etc. The program will also offer courses in management, tourism development, media technologies, and more.

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