The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Central Board of Directors just completed two days of meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, where Board members discussed a host of topics, including new programs and projects, education initiatives and upcoming events across the globe. Also attending the meetings were representatives of AGBU Council of Trustees, AGBU Europe and the Strategic Advisory Council to the Board. "It had been the practice and tradition of the Central Board to hold its meetings from time to time in Switzerland, where the worldwide organization has been incorporated since 1924. In addition, Geneva provided an ideal location for Board members from around the world to convene, report on projects underway and break ground on new initiatives," said AGBU President Berge Setrakian. "With Armenia, Karabakh, our Church, and the Diaspora all at critical junctures, the work of AGBU and our chapters on every continent has never been more important." Central Board member and representative of AGBU in Switzerland, Vahe Gabrache of Geneva, coordinated the weekend meetings and discussions, and with his spouse, Huguette Gabrache, helped organize the social activities. Among the events was a dinner hosted by the Hagop Topalian Foundation, a Swiss-based AGBU affiliate, where local Armenian community leaders had the opportunity to meet and speak with the AGBU leadership on issues specific to the Geneva community, as well as Armenia and the Diaspora. "To have all these talented professionals from diverse backgrounds and geographies come to Geneva was gratifying," said Board member Vahe Gabrache. "Their commitment to AGBU and its many programs in Armenia and the Diaspora is obvious as was their appreciation for the hospitality of the local Armenian community here in Geneva." Armenian General Benevolent Union was incorporated in Lausanne in 1924 and it serves as the holding company for most of AGBU's assets in Europe and the Middle East. Vahe Gabrache serves as its "administrateur délégué" and legal representative of the organization in Switzerland. AGBU carries its activities in Switzerland through its affiliate organization, the Topalian Foundation.
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