AGBU “Hye Geen” program started in South California in 1994 and later expanded its activities to Armenia establishing assistance centers for pregnant women, under the management of Sona Yacoubian, first in Gyumri in 2002, and later in Vanadzor and Talin. As part of that program, at the initiative of the South California “Hye Geen” women, a new center for pregnant women opened at the maternity home of the Yeghvard hospital on November 8. Present at the opening of the “Nora Injijian” pregnant women center were South California “Hye Geen” representative Arshakuhi Davidian, Nani Oskanian, AGBU Armenian Representation Deputy Director Hovig Eordekian and Finance Officer Lena Baghdasarian, as well as “Armenian People’s Forum” NGO representative Anahit Sahakian, and the whole medical personnel of the hospital. Members of the South California “Hye Geen” program had also sent warm clothes for the newly-born, which were also distributed to the pregnant women of Yeghvart that day. The two rooms renovated by the financial assistance of AGBU “Hye Geen” are meant for medical checkup, pre-birth care and individual consulting.
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