The fourth season of the AGBU “Antranik” Scout Camp kicked off on June 30th at AGBU’s private campsite in the village of Lermontovo, Lori region of Armenia, with over 350 scouts from the United States of America, Uruguay, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Armenia. The camping season in three shifts will last until August 5th. With representatives of the AGBU Armenian office, the Very Rev. Fr. Torkom Tonikian, the Locum Tenens of the Diocese of Tavoush, a representative of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s Gougark Diocese, officials from Lori marzpetaran and many guests participating, the fire ceremony of the first group of scouts from AGBU chapters of Tehran, Beirut and Montevideo took place on July 3rd marking the start of the fourth season of the AGBU “Antranik” Scout Camp. As well as the regular camp activities the scouts go hiking and sightseeing during the day and gather in the evenings for educational talks and intellectual games. It’s another great opportunity for the Armenians of different Diasporan communities to interact and socialize with their peers, and get closer to their roots. AGBU Antranik Scout Camp is supervised by Kevork Santourian, Executive Secretary of the AGBU Armenian Youth Association (AYA) Lebanon.



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