Within the framework of the “National Library Week” a ceremony of book-giving was held at the National Library of Armenia on April 15th. Among other publications, the National Library of Armenia was presented with the unique and complete 5 volume collection of “Erebuni” national, cultural and public biweekly published from 1980-1995 by the Tekeyan Trust of London and under the editorship of Dr. Andreas Tsulikian. A brief history of the newspaper’s birth and content, as well as the national-public activities of Dr. Tsulikian, who has carried out editorial duties for 12 years on a voluntary basis, were presented during the ceremony. “Erebuni” was established as a monthly and later became a biweekly in 2 languages. 4 out of 5 volumes presented to the library included all the Armenian issues of “Erebuni”, while the fifth consisted of the English issues of the British-Armenian newspaper. The presentation of his own private collection of all the issues of “Erebuni” was the personal initiative of Dr. Tsulikian. On his behalf the volumes were presented to the Library by his Yerevan-based brothers Tigran and Hakob Tsulikian. Born in Egypt in 1934 Andreas Tsulikian moved to London in 1967. In 1979 he was elected member of the British-Armenian Community and Church Council, later occupying the position of the Council’s Executive Director. He’s been an elected representative of the Board of Trustees of the Gevork Tahtayan national Sunday school of London, member of the Board of Tamatian Club of London’s Ramkavar-Azatakan Party, first as a Chairman and later as a President. Dr. Tsulikian is one of the founders of the London Tekeyan Trust and the Union of Armenian-British Doctors, is a veteran member of the Armenian General Benevolent Union and an active member of the Armenian Cause committee. During the ceremony welcoming speeches were made by National Library Director David Sargsyan, Hakob Tsulikian, Verjine Svazlian and Hakob Hakobian.