AGBU has a long history of cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. In 2006 AGBU provided one-year scholarships to 12 students involved in the Master’s Degree Program in Humanities at the National Academy of Sciences. Earlier, AGBU sponsored several scientific programs. In order to support the scientific potential of Armenia, during many years AGBU also funded various publications of the works by the scientific staff of this institution. AGBU also provided funds to obtain telecommunication equipment for the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, which enabled Armenian scientists to cooperate with their foreign colleagues and to receive first-hand up-to-date information from various international sources.

AGBU in cooperation with Nork Marash Medical Center sponsored a week-long symposium of cardiac specialists from CIS countries.

AGBU provided sponsorship for the diplomatic training program “Mission of Armenia to the United Nations”.

In 2005, after AGBU donated a CT scan machine to the Ultrasound Training Center of Armenia, there was a need to train specialists who will work on the machine. AGBU sponsored the training of a CT scan doctor, a nurse and a local medical equipment engineer, who will be responsible for maintenance of the machine.

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