In 1996, the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute and AGBU, under the direction of AGBU Central Board Member, Dr. Levon Nazarian, Professor of Radiology at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA, established ultrasound departments serving thousands of patients at the Oncology and Erebuni hospitals.

Four years later, AGBU and Jefferson opened a new ultrasound training center at the Yerevan State Medical University. Medical personnel receive instruction and hands-on training at the Ultrasound Center in all applications of ultrasound, including interventional, abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology.

Since its establishment, the Center has trained about 85 doctors in the certificate program and more than 150 students in the medical internship program. With the sponsorship of Dr. Nazarian, the Ultrasound Center obtained a CT Scan machine in 2005. In addition, over the past several years, an AGBU donor provided many hospitals in Armenia, Karabakh and Javakhk with 22 new ultrasound machines. In 2009, thanks to a generous donation to AGBU from the Cherchian Family Foundation in Wisconsin, special printers, probes and medical devices for ultrasound machines were provided to the Ultrasound Training and Research Center as well as to the Muratsan University Hospital and St. Astvatsamayr Medical Center.։