In February 1993, AGBU and the Holy See of Etchmiadzin joined forces to establish three Children's Centers in Yerevan. These Centers provide art, computer, crafts, dance, gymnastics, history, language and music programs to local children after regular school hours and during the summer. All three Centers also house a chapel and host weekly church services and Bible studies. About 4,000 students, ages five to twenty-one, are enrolled in the three AGBU Children's Centers of Yerevan, which are overseen by an administrative staff of over 300. In 2007, 13-year-old Marian Marukyan from the Nork Center was awarded the top prize during a ceremony at the United Nations in New York City for the International Children's Art Competition. Over the years the AGBU Children's Centers Performing Arts Troupes have traveled to the US, Canada, Russia, Georgia, Uruguay, Brazil and Poland to present their talents at various cultural events attracting tens of thousands of attendees. The Centers have undergone extensive renovations to update classroom facilities in the past few years. Three of AGBU's six Senior Dining Centers are also located at the Arapkir, Malatya and Nork Children's Centers.