The programs implemented in Karabakh by the AGBU in the past several years include the construction of a new apartment building for war veterans and widows, the reconstruction of Stepanakert School #7 and the renovation of the Alex Manoogian Street in the NK capital. As part of the Karabakh Repopulation Project initiated by the Union's France District AGBU started the rebuilding of the village of Norashen in the Hadrut region of Karabakh in 2002 helping to rebuild the war-torn villages that were abandoned following the 1988 to 1994 conflict. Twenty-two homes and a kindergarten were built in a short period of time. Also constructed in the village were a new medical center and a school to accommodate 80 students. The secondary school has eight classrooms, an event hall, and a computer room. Later, AGBU also donated furniture to the school.

AGBU Chapters in Los Angeles, London, Montreal, Toronto and Sydney have all contributed to the repopulation initiative. More recently, 13 houses have been constructed in the Jrakn and Pareshen districts of the village of Norashen.

Today, the 35 houses built by the AGBU in Karabakh have about 150 residents, mostly young couples. AGBU also supports the program of training for NKR government officials held by an organization called “American Friends of Artsakh”. Many NKR government officials participate in the program and develop their skill in public relations, competitive national identity strategies, economic and democratic development, and preservation of cultural identity.