The official ceremony, granting scholarship certificates to the 22 best students of the French University in Armenia (UFAR) by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), took place at the French University on March 9th. This year the total amount of AGBU’s financial support to the University was 30,000 USD.

AGBU and UFAR have been cooperating in a number of projects since 2004. Starting in 2007, within the framework of this cooperation, AGBU has supported the University in covering the tuition expenses for a select number of students.

In her opening remarks rector of the French University in Armenia Joëlle le Morzelec expressed her gratitude to AGBU for the continuous support to the University mentioning that over 100 students of UFAR have received similar certificates since the beginning of this program in 2007. AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian and AGBU Education Director Artoun Hamalian presented the mission and projects of AGBU especially in the fields of education and culture.

“The criteria based on which the students receive the scholarship certificates have been decided jointly by AGBU and UFAR and are very simple. The brightest students that have gained the required credits receive it and this year their number is 22”, said AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian.

“It has always been the Union’s policy to support the development and compatibility of our new generation, so that they can reach their goals and find their place in today’s society”, said AGBU Education Director Artoun Hamalian.

“We’ve been cooperating in this field for seven years now and both UFAR and AGBU are guided by the policy of simplifying the professional development of our students. Over the years AGBU has provided scholarships to the best and brightest students of UFAR for which we are very thankful. We have very close ties with the AGBU and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the whole of the AGBU leadership. They are always by our side and support us in every possible way”, said rector of the French University in Armenia Joëlle le Morzelec.

UFAR students also thanked AGBU for this assistance mentioning that it gives them additional incentive to study better and they are further encouraged by the importance and value placed on education in Armenia.

“This initiative gives us the opportunity to concentrate solely on our education and not be distracted by financial responsibilities”, said UFAR student Anna Mardoumian.

The official ceremony was attended by AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian, AGBU Education Director Artoun Hamalian, AGBU Armenian Representation Director Ashot Ghazarian, Rector of the French University in Armenia Joëlle le Morzelec, UFAR students, other guests and officials.



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