Sassoun Baghdassarian, Karabakh projects coordinator of the AGBU Armenian Representation, paid a visit to Australia from February 9 to March 3. Among other meetings and visits, Sassoun Baghdassarian also met with AGBU Sydney Chairman Toros Boghosian, AGBU members and youth circles and presented AGBU’s projects and activities in Armenia and Artsakh. During the February 12th meeting with AGBU Sydney Chairman Toros Boghosian they discussed the current projects of the Union in Australia, Armenia and Artsakh and possible prospects for future cooperation. On February 22nd, Sassoun Baghdassarian was hosted at SBS, one of the top radio stations in Sydney, to speak about AGBU’s patriotic activities and answer the questions of the Armenian community of Australia. The projects implemented in Artsakh, particularly the repopulation project and its role from the perspective of conflict resolution were the most touched upon issues. On February 25th, AGBU Sydney members and youth structures hosted Sassoun Baghdassarian at AGBU Alex Manoogian Cultural Center. Once again the guest presented AGBU’s activities in Armenia and Artsakh particularly emphasizing its education and youth programs including the summer internship programs, “Discover Armenia”, “Antranik” scout camp, Yong Professionals’ activities and the Armenian Virtual College. At the end of the meeting he also answered the questions raised by the local Armenian community about the Union’s programs, the situation in Artsakh and the region, and the peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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