April 2010 saw the start of Phase 1 of the Pan YP Project in conjunction with YP Yerevan, CARD with the support of YP Groups from Buenos Aires, Brazil, New York, Los Angeles, Marseilles, North California, Philadelphia, Toronto and Frankfurt The project brought together these groups from around the world to fundraise and work together implementing an environmental project in Khachik village in Armenia. In a desolate area near an ancient church in the village, the AGBU Yerevan YPs, CARD Representatives, invited guests and the villagers planted 95 seedlings provided by the RA Nature Protection Ministry.

The main goal of the project was to encourage local youth to become more environmentally conscious, take pride in their surroundings and use the haven as a potential future source of income, to encourage them to remain in their home village.

On October 23, AGBU YP Yerevan members again visited Khachik village to implement the much anticipated Phase 2 of the project and complete the initiative. This time the Young Professionals installed 17 wooden benches, 3 wooden tables, an open-air kitchen with 2 tables and a sink. As a result today the residents of Khachik have a new, beautiful and clean park, where both children and adults can spend their leisure time and which will help improve the economic situation of the village, develop agro tourism, organize different agricultural festivals and fairs.



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