The 5th Republican Interschool Chess Olympiad is currently underway and for the 4th consecutive year the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) assists the tournament, which is organized by the RA Education and Science Ministry, RA Chess Federation and AGBU. Schoolchildren from all the regions of Armenia and Artsakh compete to reach the finals. The 2nd phase of the tournament took place at the Armenian Chess Academy from November 24 - December 3. The 3rd round will begin in March 2011, while the finals will take place next May. The main goal of the tournament is to support the development of chess in Armenia, increase the popularity of the game, and its role and meaning in society, as well as discover new young talent to help maintain Armenia’s leading position in the world of chess. AGBU has already donated more than 4000 chess sets and chess clocks to the schools of Armenia and Artsakh, thereby creating a solid base for the development of chess in the republic. Thanks to the financial assistance of the AGBU this year the participants of the tournament will receive additional chess sets, chess clocks and magnetic chess boards. The winners of the final, scheduled for May 2010, will receive laptops thanks to the AGBU assistance.