The official ceremony of granting certificates of excellence to the 23 best students of the French University in Armenia (UFAR) by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) took place at the “Henry Cuny” Hall of the French University on April 5. This year the total amount of AGBU’s financial support to the University has made 30,000 USD. AGBU and UFAR have been cooperating in a number of projects since 2004. Starting 2007, within the framework of this cooperation, AGBU has supported the University in covering the tuition expenses for a selected number of students.

“I am really very happy and proud to be in the French University in Armenia today and get acquainted with its activities and students. Armenia is becoming a multi-cultural and educational center due to the American, French and Slavonic Universities currently operating in Armenia, which come to complete the whole educational system of Armenia: let’s not forget that for any country and nation the state university is the foremost educational institu-tion. I wish good luck to all the universities in Armenia. I hope this cooperation goes on and I believe that UFAR will have its important role for the future of our country”, said President of AGBU Berge Setrakian. “This is a very important event for us. We are honoured to receive the AGBU delegation here in the University. AGBU is granting certificates of excellence to our best students.

The Union also finances the summer internship of some of our students in Paris. Once again we are fortunate to enjoy the benevolence of this organization. I view this visit as an assess-ment of the work carried out by our university and the quality of education that our students receive here”, said Rector of UFAR Joel Le Morzellec. The official ceremony was attended by AGBU President Berge Setrakian, AGBU Council of Trustees member Nazar Nazarian, AGBU Cent-ral Board members Karnig Yacoubian and Vasken Yacoubian, AGBU Armenian Represen-tation Director Ashot Ghazarian, Rector of the French University in Armenia Joel Le Morzellec, other guests and officials. The ceremony was followed by a reception.



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