On September 19, in the Events Hall of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s St. Petersburg residence, Dr. Yervant Zorian, member of the AGBU Central Board of Directors and Founding-Chairman of the AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC), met with local Armenian youth, students, members of “Nor Serund” (New Generation) Armenian youth organization and representatives of the Armenian community of St. Petersburg to present AGBU’s activities, educational and youth programs, particularly the Union’s newest learning institute - the Armenian Virtual College (AVC). The meeting was organized by “Nor Serund” youth organization and an opening speech was made by Sedrak Kalashyan, representative of “Nor Serund”. Officially opened in June 2009, the Armenian Virtual College occupies a unique place among the various educational and youth programs carried out by the AGBU and the Armenian Apostolic Church for more than 100 years in different Armenian communities worldwide. In September 2009, the AVC was presented to the Armenian community of Moscow and was warmly welcomed by Bishop Yezras Nersissian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s Diocese of Nor Nakhijevan and Russia, who expressed eagerness to support AGBU’s activities in Russia. During the presentation in St. Petersburg, Dr. Zorian mentioned that the Armenian community of Russia is in a leading position in terms of registered AVC students compared with other Armenian communities, and that he wouldn’t be surprised if that number doubled in the near future. Nevertheless, he mentioned that not all the Armenian communities are lucky enough to have Armenian Sunday schools, which further emphasizes the importance of AVC. The local Armenian community was greatly interested in the AGBU projects, which will certainly influence the life of the community with a rich educational and cultural history. At the end of the meeting Dr. Zorian answered all the questions raised by those present. Throughout the whole presentation Dr. Zorian was assisted by Sedrak Kalashyan and community activist Vahan Babakhanian as translators. Closing remarks were made by the Spiritual Leader of the Armenian community of Saint Petersburg Father Nshan Petrosyan. The meeting was also attended by Karen Mkrtchyan, Head of the local Armenian community. During his stay in Saint Petersburg Dr. Zorian got acquainted with the activities of the local Armenian community, visited the local Armenian Sunday school and attended a Holy Liturgy at the Armenian Church of Saint Petersburg.