AGBU president Berge Setrakian’s visit to Armenia

AGBU president Berge Setrakian was in Armenia recently. During his visit he met RA President Serge Sarkissian, RA Prime Minister Tigran Sarkissian and Catholics of All Armenians His Holiness Karekin II.

April 28 Berge Setrakian congratulated Serge Sarkissian on his recent election in the highest post of the Republic of Armenia. The AGBU President expressed confidence that the newly-elected President will succeed in making Armenia the dream country of world-spread Armenians. Emphasizing the union’s eagerness to bring its contribution to this process, Berge Setrakian mentioned that AGBU will support and back the President in his patriotic activities. RA President Serge Sarkissian and AGBU President Berge Setrakian also spoke about Armenia-Diaspora relations, underscoring the importance of building these relations based on mutual understanding and cooperation. They both prioritized the issue of preservation of national identity. As Mr. Setrakian mentioned the AGBU has initiated a number of projects, the main goal of which is to strengthen ties of the Diasporan new generation with their homeland.

April 29 Congratulating Tigran Sarkissian in his new position Mr. Setrakian said that he was impressed by their latest meeting when Sarkissian was still the President of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, and wished the current government under his chair success in its mission. Berge Setrakian mentioned that AGBU has spread its activities in many countries of the world for the sake of our Diasporan compatriots and our homeland. This visit is also aimed at supporting our country, our people, different programs carried out in different spheres, and also sowing love towards their homeland among the new generation of the Diasporan Armenians.

April 29 His Holiness Karekin II received the President of Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Berge Setrakian in the Holy See of St. Etchmiadzin. As the Holy See Press Service reported welcoming the AGBU President in Armenia and the Holy See His Holiness expressed appreciation for all the national and benevolent projects that AGBU carries out in Armenia and Diaspora. His Holiness also expressed satisfaction about the strong cooperation between the AGBU and the Armenian Apostolic Church. In his turn the AGBU President highly assessing the cooperation of the church and the AGBU assured that the AGBU will continue supporting the Holy See of St. Etchmiadzin in effectively realizing its mission.



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