The Antranik Scout Camp, one of the main annual events of AGBU Yerevan Scout Movement, brought 300 scouts from around the world to Armenia this summer. At the end of Antranik Scout Camp, and after saying good-bye to their old and new friends, AGBU Yerevan Scouts participated in a camp organized by NKR Hayordiner Scout Movement. A scout group from Abovyan, Armenia and the Raffi Union from Iran also attended the camp in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR). Scouts began with some sightseeing in NKR, first visiting the St. Ghazanchetsots Monastery in Shushi. Next, scouts visited and discovered the beauty of the Gandzasar Monastery. During the rich and interesting program, the Scouts took part in rescue training exercises, were trained in first-aid techniques, and rope climbing. They were taught some tracking skills and tricks to become quickly oriented in unfamiliar places. Scouts from the different troops shared their skills and knowledge with one another. In the evenings, like Scouts around the world, games and songs were organized around the campfire. The traditional fire closing ceremony marked the close of the camp session. In September, AGBU Yerevan Scouts hiked to the peak of Mt. Aragats and visited St. Gevorg Church in Mughni. On September 22, celebrating RA Independence Day, the AGBU Yerevan Scouts conquered the 3,879 meter high southern peak of Aragats (lowest of its four peaks). The general consensus is that the most beautiful view is from here. Scouts conquered the trail in just 3.5 hours and celebrated their achievement on the peak with a victorious Yarkhushta – an Armenian folk dance. On September 29, on the occasion of St. Gevorg Day, Scouts visited St. Gevorg Church in Mughni, attended mass, and listened to the priest’s sermon. Scout Mineli Hakobyan gave a brief talk about St. Gevorg. Scouts welcomed the first Sunday of October with Qermes, a game during which scouts are divided into several groups and participate in various competitions and challenges. At the entrance to the Arabkir Children’s Center, Sister Vanuhi painted cartoon characters on children’s faces. Boys and girls wishing to demonstrate their physical strength, gathered at Brother Aram's section to see who could completely hammer a nail into a stump, flattening it with the fewest hits possible. Those wishing to show off their brainpower, gathered around Brother Arsen, eager to be the first to complete a puzzle. Animal lovers gathered at the aquarium to see who could catch as many fish as possible. Clearly showing their love of sports, basketball and bowling lovers stood in long lines waiting for their chance to compete. Scouts attempted to show their will and determination in controlling their emotions. While watching comedy videos, whoever could hold back their laughter the longest won.