Annual preparations for the Antranik Scout Camp did not prevent AGBU Yerevan Scouts from organizing interesting lessons and events during the summer. Imagine thousands of young people in Yerevan proudly waving the Armenian flag, carrying its coats of arms, and wearing red, blue and orange tricolor shirts and hats! June 15 marks the Day of Armenian National Symbols (Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem), on which Armenia’s state emblems are celebrated. It has become a tradition for AGBU Scouts to participate in this event, the main component of which is the parade in the center of Yerevan with the participation of different subdivisions of Armenia’s Army and Air Force, Police, Ministry of Emergency Situations, cadets from the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Academy, and music and dance groups from around the country. Respect and reverence towards state emblems, one of the key components of scout ideology, is taught at an early age. Scouts appreciate and attach great importance to Armenia’s State Emblems and proudly participate in the festival. This initiative is a wonderful opportunity for people of all generations to unite around the state and express their respect towards state values.


The AGBU Yerevan Scout Movement’s five-year anniversary was marked by the establishment of its first marching band. The 25-member group, comprised of Scouts from Aleppo, had their first rehearsal in May, under the experienced leadership of Garen Dirarian, former head of the AGBU Scout Yerevan Movement, and who also headed the band in Aleppo. The Armenian Youth Association of Aleppo (AYA Aleppo) marching band has won various competitions. Now, a few years later, band members have reunited in the Motherland to continue entertaining. Most recently, the marching band performed brilliantly during the Antranik Scout Camp fire ceremonies. Around 300 scouts from all over the world participated in the Antranik Scout Camp sessions this year. Band members have begun sharing their knowledge and skills with young scouts to encourage them to join the band. The instruments were generously donated by Mr. Gabriel Djambardji and others. For many years, the sounds of the marching band filled the streets of Aleppo. Now, those same sounds will fill Armenia.


Throughout the year, AGBU Yerevan Scouts take part in different lectures and workshops to further their knowledge and skills. Aspiring to achieve new heights, the Scouts took alpinism lectures. With the help of the Spitak Rescue Team, Scouts learned first aid, security rules, and how to correctly use ropes, loops and other tools of mountaineering. After learning the theoretical part of the lectures, the Scouts practiced what they had learned. By the end of their workshop, they had also learned how to assess risks and not fear heights.