It’s already 10 years that thousands of AGBU boy and girl scouts make their dream come true by arriving in Armenia to spend their summer in the Homeland, at the AGBU Antranik scout camp.

From July 1, 2017, the AGBU Armenia scout group initiated preparations for the 2017 Antranik scout camp with the immediate support of Antranik scout camp’s Director Raymond Hartouny, AGBU Armenia Deputy Director Hovig Eordekian, Diaspora Youth Programs Coordinator in Armenia Hermine Duzian and AGBU Armenia Scouts’ Council Chairman and Chief Scouts Executive Saro Tatios. On July 7, Antranik scout camp opened its doors to the youngest members of AGBU Armenia scouts, who spent interesting, unforgettable and happy days practicing all the knowledge acquired during the whole year.

On July 12, more than 200 scouts from Armenia, Lebanon, Tbilisi and Javakhk arrived in Armenia to participate in the AGBU Antranik scout camp. The official opening ceremony, as well as the blessing of the camp’s flag took place on the same day. The blessing was performed by His Grace Archbishop Sepuh Chuljian, Primate of the Diocese of Gougark, Head of Antranik scout camp Raymond Hartouny and Chief Scouts Executive Saro Tatios. Annual camps serve a wonderful opportunity for the scouts from all over the world to get together and share their experience with each other.

The fire-ceremony and the blessing of a traditional Armenian harisa took place on July 16. This year harisa was first prepared by Karavel scouts. After the blessing of harisa it was served to more than 750 guests.

This year ‘s fire-ceremony marked the 10th anniversary of the AGBU Antranik scout camp. For their hard work and dedication AGBU Armenia President Vasken Yacoubian, AGBU Armenia Executive Director Talar Kazanjian, AGBU Armenia Deputy Director Hovig Eordekian, Founder and former Director of AGBU Antranik scout camp Kevork Santourian, present Director of the Camp Raymond Hartouny, AGBU Armenia Scouts’ Council first Chairman Garen Dirarian, second Chairman Eddie Der-Gaspar, third Chairman Kevork Simon, fourth Chairman Hermine Duzian and present Chairman of AGBU Armenia Scouts’ Council Saro Tatios were presented with souvenirs. Parents of AGBU scouts, various youth groups, guests from Armenia and abroad were also present at the fire-ceremony.

This year’s scout camp summed up with one session only, which took place from July 12-26. Days spent together at AGBU Antranik scout camp, as well as different scout activities, hikes and tours help boy and girl scouts spend pleasant and quality time together. Participants left the camp with great excitement and with the hope to meet each other again.