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On March 18, AGBU Armenia HQ hosted a lecture called “Storytelling and Self-Publishing Today” by National Geographic’s famous photographer, World Press Photo 2013 and Robert Capa Golden Medal winner, as well as Emmy nominee John Stanmeyer, who presented his more than two-decade-long experience of working with the world’s leading publications. The 52-year-old American photojournalist who has received a number of awards presented the history and process of his photo project creations. He has travelled the world, been to over hundred countries, from India, Turkey and Malaysia to Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Indonesia and Ethiopia. Now his latest destination took him to Armenia once again, after his first visit in April 2015. At AGBU Armenia Stanmeyer presented the stories behind each of his “talking” photos, through which he addressed issues the world faces currently: deadly diseases, global warming, strange and at the same time interesting traditions, nations, etc. The evening started with an opening speech by AGBU Armenia President Vasken Yacoubian, who briefly presented Stanmeyer’s life, career and achievements. During his trip to Western Armenia in 2015 Stanmeyer visited Sasun, Ani, Van and other towns and villages meeting and photographing some of the Genocide survivors to present to the world the one-century-long pain of the Armenian people. The article that has been made with all these photos is already available online. in National Geogrpahic’s March 2016 issue. The printed version of the magazine featuring Stenmayer’s photostory taken in the ancient Armenian lands in the territory of current Turkey will be available in April.

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