This year Armenia hosted 175 highly qualified technologists from industry and academia representing 31 countries

25 keynotes and invited presentations featured at the Symposium Plenary sessions

14th East-West Design & Test Symposium announced its 25 prominent keynote speakers’ lineup for 2016, which was held in Yerevan, from Oct. 14-17. From the Intel Fellow of the Internet of Things (IoT) Group, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm, Synopsys Fellow and scientist, Director of IBM Research to the outstanding professors and research leaders representing major universities. These keynote presentations featured the leading influencers on the future of design, EDA, test, diagnostics and repair of electronic circuits and systems. “The East West Design & Test Symposium was first held in Armenia in 2007. To the day, it is claimed by its participants to be one of the best conferences during the past 14 years of its existence. This is based on its comprehensive program and interactive format, as well as participation scale and geography. I believe that this year’s symposium will also achieve outstanding results. Furthermore, we expect that it will be among the most successful conferences out of the 25 others that IEEE TTTC oversees throughout the world,” said Dr. Yervant Zorian, the co-chairman of the IEEE East West Design & Test Symposium, and Synopsys Armenia President and Chief Architect and Fellow at Synopsys. “It is symbolic that the Symposium returns to Armenia now, when the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s independence is celebrated. The fact that a Symposium of such critical importance is held in Armenia once again underlines the major role that Armenia plays in the development of the global IT industry, and particularly in the design and test of electronic chips".

The main goal of the symposium was the exchange of experiences between the leading engineers, researchers, experienced technologists and scientists from the East (especially the Black Sea and Central Asia) and West as well as discussion of new projects and ideas. The conference brought together 25 invited speakers and 175 representatives from 31 countries, as well as leading universities and companies including USA, France, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Canada, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, India, China, Iran and Poland to present their latest accomplishments in the field, and to discuss future directions.

Holding such a prominent symposium in Yerevan is the result of achievements of Armenian engineers and scientists in the field of electronic design and test. As a result, we see growing foreign investments in Armenia.




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