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Yukinori Kinoshita, a young Japanese pianist, studying in the United States, had learnt about the legacy of Komitas only three months before deciding to visit the Master’s homeland. Following extensive research he realized that the best way to discover Armenia and Armenian culture for a beginner musician was to participate in the AGBU’s Musical Armenia Program (MAP). He registered immediately and together with the other nine participants of this year’s Musical Armenia program arrived in Yerevan in June, thus breaking with tradition and becoming the first non-Armenian participant in the history of the program. Since the inception of the program, AGBU’s aim was to provide an opportunity for Armenians and foreign musicals and artists alike to discover one of the world’s most ancient cultures and its music.

“I learnt about this program through my Armenian friend. This is a unique opportunity to understand Armenian culture. The program offers highly qualified teaching materials and a number of interesting lectures. I am planning to present this program to my friends living in the United States and Japan. I am sure that a great number of people will be interested in participating. Yerevan is a unique city and if the opportunity arises I will definitely return one day.”, said Yukinori.

The 4th Musical Armenia Program brought together 10 talented musicians from the USA, Canada, France, Syria and Lebanon. The three-week program included individual master classes and group lectures given by renowned professionals, various cultural events and sightseeing.

This year’s program took place between July 14- August 3, 2015 with participants playing the violin, flute, piano, trumpet, alt, as well as specializing in vocals and conducting skills. Joint classes and individual master classes were given by such renowned artists as Karen Durgaryan, Armen Tutunjyan, Yervand Margaryan, Never Navoyan, Bagrat Vardanyan, Tovmas Poghosyan, Lusine Grigoryan, Arusyak Sahakyan, Arthur Shahnazaryan, Arman Abrahamyan, Hayk Arsenyan. “This is not an ordinary, traditional school, where students only strive to excel at their instrument. This is the type of musical education that builds character, personality and self improvement and maybe even allows for solutions to personal problems through music. I’m inspired when teaching these students and very much appreciate the significance of this particular program. If only one or two students return to their roots, their identity and feel a closer connection to their homeland then I would consider this a successful program.” , said RA honored artist, Mher Navoyan.

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