Over the past three years, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) has supported Syrian-Armenians who have found themselves in difficult circumstances. Since the beginning of the Civil War in Syria, AGBU has been among the first organizations lening a helping a hand to our compatriots in Syria, Lebanon and Armenia. During this time, the AGBU has contributed over 2.5 million US dollars to Syrian-Armenian relief programs. On October 22nd, 2015, as part of its Syrian-Armenian relief programs, AGBU organized a charity exhibition and sale of works by RA national artist and painter Zulum Grigoryan and his son painter Mushegh Grigoryan. The 85 years-old painter and his son, also a painter, presented over 57 works to art lovers in Yerevan. All proceeds from the exhibition and sale entitled “Bridge” went to AGBU’s relief efforts in support of Syrian-Armenians.

“The idea had come to me a long time ago. I was in two minds about which organization to collaborate with and a friend referred me to the Armenian General Benevolent Union. I spoke with then and was very pleased that our discussions ended with this type of cooperation. I would like to thank the AGBU Yerevan office administration and staff, who organized such a professional exhibition and helped my idea become reality”, said Mushegh Grigoryan. It’s important to note the significance of the title of the exhibition “Bridge”. It is a bridge between Armenia and the Diaspora, with one side lending a helping hand to the other in dire circumstances. The Diaspora has constantly helped Armenia in its times of hardship and it’s now Armenia’s turn to help our compatriots living in the Diaspora. It’s also a bridge between two generations of father and son.

“AGBU has been carrying out large scale assistance programs for Syrian-Armenians both in Syria and Armenia. These are mainly humanitarian projects but we also organize various cultural activities to assist Syrian-Armenians. Combining art with charity produces very interesting results. I hope that our cooperation will continue”, said AGBU Armenia Interim Director Hovig Eordekian.





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