The AGBU Armenian Virtual Collage continues to expand the horizons of its outreach, especially with those educational institutions which greatly value an innovative approach to education. One such institution is the Ayb High School in Armenia that pursues a new culture of learning by integrating the best learning traditions with modern learning technologies. On January 27, the AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian delivered a master class in Ayb High School. The event was titled Technology & Education and was aimed at revealing AVC’s initiatives that facilitate Armenian education all over the world. Around 100 Ayb School pupils from grades 10-12 participated in the lecture. The event began with an opening speech by Aram Pakhchanian, the Director of Ayb School. He outlined Dr. Zorian’s biography, activities, and investment in AVC’s foundation and then described AVC’s mission and vision to the audience. Dr. Yervant Zorian began the master class with a presentation which focused on the aims and milestones of AVC. The Ayb students learned of the wide range of subjects offered by AVC, the innovative method of teaching being used, and the virtual communication platform AVC had been building. Then, the AVC president proceeded with the topic of e-books, presenting them as a contemporary way of disseminating knowledge about Armenia, “The Multimedia e-Book Series provide us with a fine possibility to enrich knowledge in Armenian studies”, Dr. Zorian stated. The impact of the master class on Ayb students was obvious; their enthusiasm was so great that an active and lively Q&A session followed the class during which Ayb students not only asked questions, but also made recommendations and expressed creative ideas on AVC’s future activities. Some students even expressed their interest in engaging in voluntary work for AVC, and thus supporting its outreach efforts. At the end, the director of Ayb school, Aram Pakhchanian, thanked Dr. Zorian for the great opportunity he provided for Ayb pupils to learn more about AVC. The AVC and Ayb meeting ended on a warm note and is another milestone in building partnerships with well-known educational institutions.