The best five students from five different faculties of the Yerevan State University received the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s (AGBU) Boghos Nubar award. On May 20th, at the YSU academic hall the selected students received the award certificates. The scholarship was awarded to the 5 most socially active students with high performance from the faculties of Pharmacology and Chemistry, International Relations, Biology, Mathematics and Mechanics, and Law. The decision of giving scholarship awards to the above mentioned students was made by the YSU Academic Council at the March 26 session. Students were recommended by the deans after a joint decision was made with the chairs and representatives of the teaching staff. The opening speech was made by Alexander Margarov, Head of the International Cooperation Office of the YSU, Deputy Vice - Rector for Scientific Policy and International Cooperation. In his speech AGBU Interim Director Hovig Eordekian described the Mission of the Union and a century of support that the Union provided. He said that the AGBU has a long record of cooperation with the university, back in the 30's, by providing scholarships to students, supporting publishing activities, acquisition of equipment and books and the improvement of housing conditions. AGBU has long cooperated with the Alma Mater and it is not by chance that the Union, from time to time, has provided scholarships to the students, as well as improved the conditions of the University. Deans of the Faculties and Heads of Chairs were also present at the ceremony, who presented the recommended students, noting that they had taken into consideration their high performance and membership of student organizations, as well as research activities. Below are the names of the students, who received the Boghos Nubar award:
• Sevak Grigoryan - Faculty of Pharmacology and Chemistry, 3rd year
• Lilit Petrosyan - Faculty of Law, 1st year master
• Varduhi Harutyunyan - Faculty of International Relations, 3rd year
• Heghine Gevorgyan - Faculty of Biology, 3rd year
• Nerses Srapionyan - Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 3rd year




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