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Recognizing the importance of the Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts - as well as the preparation of highly qualified young scientists, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) launched a new project, providing scholarships to the Matenadaran’s researchers, as part of the doctorate program initiated jointly by the RA Ministry of Education and Science and the Matenadaran. As part of this project, considered to be of high priority for the Institute, eight young researchers in the areas of Historiography, Historical Source Research, Art History and Theory as well as World History were granted AGBU scholarships. These young researchers work in the Digitization, Art History and Writing, Research of Arabic Manuscripts, International Relations, Archive Documents Preservation and Scientific Development Departments of the Matenadaran. This initiative is the continuation of AGBU's support to the Ancients Manuscripts Institute. During the energy crisis in the first years of Armenia’s independence, AGBU and its benefactors provided the Matenadaran with the funds to obtain air conditioning, fire and security systems vital for the preservation of the institute’s archive. AGBU has also sponsored a number of Matenadaran’s publications.