Thanks to the financial support of the AGBU Sydney Chapter, Yerevan’s Olympus educational center was renovated July-September, 2014. Both the students as well as the staff can now avail of the improved and comfortable facilities. Following the renovations, on October 3rd, the center hosted AGBU Sydney Chapter Deputy Chairman Hovha-ness Kouyoumdjian together with his wife Mari and AGBU Sydney Chapter Committee Member Garo Setian and his wife Joyce. The guests walked through the renovated school, saw the areas that needed further improvement and met with the principal and teachers of the school. The staff thanked the AGBU Sydney Chapter and Toros Boghossian, AGBU Sydney Chapter Chairman, who had played a big part in carrying out this initiative. During their visit to Armenia, Hovhaness Kouyoum-djian and Garo Setian also visited the AGBU Armenia office, met with the AGBU Armenia Interim Director Hovig Eordekian and AGBU Diaspora Youth Projects Coordinator Hermine Duzian.