On October 18th, the Karabakh Chamber Orchestra (KCO) gave a concert at the Stepanakert Chamber of Culture and Youth dedicated to the 75th birthday of the well-known composer Tigran Mansouryan. The concept of the concert came from the composer’s sister, the renowned soprano Araks Mansuryan, who now lives in Australia. Araks Manursyan along with three of her students performed with the KCO in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR). In her opening speech, Narine Aghabalyan, NKR’s Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs, declared, that Tigran Mansouryan, has and will always be welcome in the NKR. The people of the NKR were honoured that the renowned composer had decided to celebrate his 75th Birthday with his audience in Karabakh. Works by Tigran Mansouryan, Komitas, Barsegh Kanachyan, Mozart and Verdi were performed by the KCO and Jiang Hong Shi (tenor), Georgia Kokkoris (koloratur soprano), Ryan Saunders (soprano) and Arthur Avanesov (piano) during the concert. The celebration was attended by NKR National Assembly Chairman Ashot Ghulyan, Primate of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, RA meritorious artist Shushan Petrosyan, admirers and guests. To conclude the proceedings Narine Aghabalyan presented a gift from the Ministry of Culture to Maestro Mansouryan. In turn, Tigran Mansouryan thanked everyone for their warm welcome. “I am deeply touched to be here and feel so much warmth. Being here, on this land, gives me strength to carry out my future plans”. During his visit to the NKR, the well-known composer together with his sister, Araks Mansuryan and niece, Shushan Petrosyan visited Shoushi. They were also accompanied by Narine Aghabalyan, the NKR Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs. The group visited the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral, the Shoushi Museum of Fine Arts, where the well-known composer performed a piece from the renowned Armenian film A Piece of the Sky for his admirers and made a note in the visitors impressions’ journal. Tigran Mansouryan was also hosted at the NKR Ministry of Culture. Maestro Mansouryan planted his own silver fir tree at the Peace Alley adjacent to the Ministry. The Peace Alley was founded in 2013. The first silver fir was planted by Placido Domingo Jr. The Alley was enhanced by trees planted by, among others, actor Levon Aganezov, world-renowned German artist Volkmar Gantzhorn and illustrious soprano Montserrat Caballe. The Karabakh Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2004 with the support of the AGBU. Since then, the Union continues to support the orchestra, which performs in the NKR, Armenia and abroad headed by Maestro Gevorg Muradyan.