One of the most anticipated events in Yerevan’s calendar, the 2796th anniversary of its founding, took place on October 12th. Celebrations accompanied by amazing fireworks were organized in the capital. To mark the occasion, Yerevan’s Mayor, Taron Margaryan, awarded medals and titles to various individuals and institutions for their achievements in their respective fields, at an event organized at the Yerevan Municipality. Taron Margaryan thanked those present for their devoted work and awarded the Yerevan Gold Medal to the staff of the AGBU and Etchmiadzin Nork Children Center for their tireless contribution to the children of Yerevan. The medal was awarded to the Director of the Nork Children’s Center Aida Andreasyan. Other recipients in the same category included the staff of the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies and the Fund for Armenian Relief Armenian Chapter. Individuals and organizations from various fields also received medals and honorable titles.