October 2014 saw the beginning of the Republican Interschool Chess Championship uniting the Republic’s students and Armenia’s chess lovers. The tense competition to select the best team and individual players will last 8 months. Over the last 9 years, 1,500 students have competed each year for the coveted first prize. Each team must first win their school competition to go through to the next round. The 2nd Community round of the Olympiad of 2014 took place on November 18th the winners of which will now go on to represent their communities in the next round. The third and final round of the Competition will take place in the Spring of 2015. The Republican Interschool Chess Olympiad is organized by the Yerevan Chess Academy and the RA Ministry of Education and Science. The prize fund of the Tournament has been provided by AGBU for the last 8 years. School students from Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk compete in the Olympiad. The format of this year’s competition has been altered by the Academy of chess, instead of the previous years’ teams of 4 participants (3 boys, 1 girl) this year, the teams will consist of 3 participants (2 boys, 1girl). In 2012, Chess officially became a part of the secondary schools curriculum and with AGBU’s support, a significant number of schools both in Yerevan and the regions have received chess related supplies such as chess sets, clocks, demo boards, chess literature and computers.




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