Through the tireless efforts of AGBU Cairo, the AVC team as well as Anna Dolbjyan the AVC representative, on October 17th the AGBU Cairo branch opened a new chess classroom. There are currently 12 students in the class with many more interested in becoming a part of AVC in the near future. Similar to many other communities, the learning process is organized in accordance with the hybrid model of education. The unique approach of the hybrid education model that is offered by AVC helps Armenians and others from different parts of the world, to easily acquire the learning material as well as benefit from this engaging educational method. The Cairo chess class teacher, George Avanyan, completed the entire chess and teacher training program offered by AVC in order to become an AVC Certified Teacher. AVC Academic Director Hasmik Khalapyan stated: “The Armenian General Benevolent Union was established in Egypt. Therefore, the launch of the AVC program in Cairo is of special importance for us. Many schools and communities all over the world took advantage of the AVC hybrid education, and we are pleased that the Armenians of Cairo are also engaged in the program”. Schools and communities in the Diaspora wishing to introduce innovative and attractive learning methods into their curricula, as well as supplement the program with additional resources, are choosing to participate in the AVC hybrid program. The Cairo Chess class is part of AVC’s plans for geographic expansion.