The Armenian Highland Brings Armenian History into the Digital Age

AGBU is redefining the Armenian experience with the release of The Armenian Highland, the first in its series of interactive e-books designed to introduce readers to Armenian history, culture and contemporary affairs. The e-book is a full multimedia experience available in seven languages: English, Western Armenian, Eastern Armenian, Russian, French, Spanish and Turkish. The Armenian Highland provides an overview of Armenia’s history and geography from ancient to modern times. It details the physical characteristics, natural life, flora and fauna, climate and natural resources of the Armenian highland. It also presents the administrative divisions of the region and puts them in historical perspective. This interactive e-book concludes with a brief introduction to the significance of the highland to the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The text is accompanied by vivid color images and optional audio narration and is interspersed with video clips, 3D panoramas, quizzes and interactive maps that all serve to enhance the reader’s experience. Alongside the core text are sidebars with legends, facts and stories that make the e-book an essential reference for academics and non-academics alike. The e-book is available free of charge and can be accessed via web browsers, tablets and smart phones. The iBook version is designed for iPads and iMac computers, while the web browser version is designed for PCs, Android tablets and smart phones. All versions can be downloaded in seconds. AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is an accredited online learning program that aims to facilitate Armenian studies through new technologies. Launched in 2009, AVC classes are open to anyone who is interested in Armenian studies, delivering a virtual classroom to students who do not have access to traditional, face-to-face Armenian educational programs, while supplementing the curriculum of those that do. The launch of the e-Book series marks AVC’s expansion in a new and exciting direction.


The Founder and President of the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) Dr. Yervant Zorian presented AVC’s latest innovation, a Multimedia e-Book Series at an event attended by more 150 Yerevan school principals as well as other interested parties on October 16th. Dr. Zorian spoke about AVC’s goals, mission, scope, geographic enlargement, and achievements and presented The Armenian Highland e-book, which includes comprehensive information on Armenian history, geography and culture. The e-book is available free of charge on mobile devices and desktop computers in seven languages: Eastern and Western Armenian, English, Russian, French, Spanish, and Turkish. “There are many popular books about the history of the Armenian Highland, but this is unique in the way it provides information. The text, voice, illustrations, and videos are combined in such a way that the reader gets a chance to look at the facts from a new perspective. In this respect, the e-book will be an attractive innovation to students,” said AVC Administrative Director Anna Yengibaryan. The event was organized in N. Aghbalyan No. 19 Secondary School in partnership with the Yerevan Municipality Department of General Education. The partnership is ongoing and many new projects will be implemented in the future.


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