AGBU is proud to announce its partnership with Teach For Armenia, an initiative premised on the idea that every child deserves access to an excellent education. In honor of this new partnership, AGBU will be hosting a series of lectures with founder and CEO Larisa Ryan on September 30 in Pasadena, October 2 in San Francisco, October 7 in New York and October 8 in Boston. The events are designed to inform the community about the state of education in Armenia and Teach For Armenia’s role in its development. Driven by a belief in pursuing innovative solutions to social problems, Teach For Armenia plans to recruit the best and the brightest from Armenia and the Diaspora to teach in the Armenian educational system. By including enthusiastic and dynamic teachers and leaders in the nation’s schools and elevating the discourse about education, the enterprise looks to increase the quality of education in Armenia. Larisa Ryan, Teach For Armenia’s founder and CEO, is a Teach For America alumna who is closely acquainted with the pioneering vision of Teach For America, which she and her team have adapted for Armenia. “As much as we are leveraging Teach For America’s model, we are not a franchise, but an Armenian organization that adopts and translates cutting-edge trends in order to boost Armenia’s competitive advantage,” says Ms. Ryan. The initiative’s goal of expanding educational opportunities for young Armenians means that it is committed to building alliances with partners who are willing to put their faith in the future of Armenia’s economic and social strength. With supporters like the AGBU, Tumo Center for Creative Technologies and Viva-Cell MTS Teach For Armenia will expand its program by recruiting, training, and placing its fellows in schools throughout Armenia to guarantee that the country’s students can realize their potential. Over the past few months, Teach For Armenia’s efforts have received enthusiastic support from major Armenian foundations, organizations, corporations and individuals who have joined them in their mission to provide stellar education. Its program and goals has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response both in Armenia and in the Diaspora. On November 5th, Teach For Armenia, in partnership with AGBU, Tumo and VivaCell-MTS, held a press conference at the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies and summed up the results of “My Favorite Teacher” online campaign. The goal of this initiative was to remind everyone about the teachers' role and importance in the society and give people a chance to extend credit to their teachers for their hard work and dedication. Speakers at the press conference were Larisa Ryan, Founder and President of “Teach For Armenia”; Hovig Eordekian, AGBU Interim Director; Marie Lou Papazian, Director of TUMO Center for Creative Technologies; and Serob Khachatryan, YSU Professor and education expert. The event was attended by education specialists, representatives of partner organizations, professors and lecturers, teachers and current and former students, who had nominated their teachers for the contest. The winners of the online campaign were awarded letters of gratitude. This was a unique opportunity for everyone to communicate, recall sweet school memories, express their gratitude and have another photo with their favorite teachers. After the official ceremony those present enjoyed the performances of the “Orran” students. To get more information about “Teach For Armenia” organization, please visit



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