The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and French University in Armenia have been cooperating for almost a decade. Thanks to AGBU’s financial support, more than 80 students have carried out internships at prominent organizations in Paris, Lyon, Valance and Grenoble. Between March 22nd and April 19th of this year, nine 4th year UFAR students carried out their internships in France thanks to the support of both AGBU France District and Lyon Chapter, as well as the chapter’s former Vice-Chair Jacques Garabedian. One of the interns, Mariam Badunts, had the chance to intern at Grant Thornton one of the largest independent audit, tax and advisory firms. Founded in 1924 in Chicago, Grant Thornton has a staff of 38,000 operating in 120 countries. Very few are lucky enough to intern at such an organization and Mariam was one of these lucky few. Anzhelika Ishkhanyan, carried out her internship at the Estrade, Azad and Harutyunyan law firm. Another law firm Arapian et autres welcomed Elen Sahradyan. This is a unique opportunity for students of the French University’s Law Department to observe the French juridical system and visit the Paris Justice Chamber, as well attend court sessions and hearings. Anna Aturyan shared her impressions of the program, ”I spent my internship in DAMARIS SA in Lyon, which is one of the leading IT companies. I was responsible for the preparation of the promotional brochures for the company, which gave me an opportunity to be involved in researching the market and marketing strategy. This was a unique opportunity for me to strengthen my knowledge, gain extensive experience and get to know the French culture and working environment. I am very grateful to the French University of Armenia, DAMARIS SA, represented by Aramazd Abedi and to the Armenian General Benevolent Union and especially Jacques Garabedian for his great support. ” Two more students from the French University of Armenia Isabel Ter-Poghosyan and Voctoria Grigoryan carried out their internship at Orange in Grenoble. Iren Ananyan, Lilit Sargsyan and Satenik Nubaryan were also among the UFAR interns, who carried out their internships at EDF Commerce, Keolis Transportation in Lyion and CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre law firm respectively. Participants of the Internship program received an opportunity to visit the National Assembly, RA Embassy in France, Permanent Representation of NKR in France, AGBU Nubarian Library, Versailles, Louvre and Orsey, as well as to improve their knowledge of French, sample French cuisine, meet representatives of the Armenian Community in France and make friends with their peers, living in the heart of Europe. Participants of the program have already returned to Armenia and on May 22, AGBU Armenian representation welcomed the interns. They spoke about their experiences in Paris and expressed their gratitude to AGBU for this wonderful opportunity. AGBU and UFAR have also collaborated on other projects. Since 2007, UFAR students have been receiving AGBU scholarships of excellence. More than 150 students have benefited from these scholarships. AGBU has also funded the renovation and construction of a library at UFAR. AGBU is thankful to all the organizations, which welcome UFAR students as part of the AGBU Internship Program. To learn more about the AGBU Internship programs, please visit