To promote the educational programs of the French University of Armenia and financially support the best students of the university, AGBU continues to cooperate with and assist the university. As part of that cooperation, for the eighth consecutive year, the AGBU has fully covered the annual tuition fees of the university's 22 best students enrolled in Bachelor programs. AGBU also finances the annual summer internship program of the university's best students in France. As a result of this financial assistance, more than 180 UFAR students have received full scholarships and more than 80 students have carried out their summer internship in some of the most renowned organizations in Paris. In 2012, AGBU also renovated and updated the technical equipment of the University library.

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In 2008, AGBU began sponsoring the Republican Interschool Chess Championship. This project is the initiative of the Armenian Chess Federation, under the auspices of the Republic of Armenia's Ministry of Education and Science. The aim of the national championship is to promote chess among Armenian students and identify future grandmasters who will maintain Armenia's standing as a chess superpower. Students from all around Armenia compete for a place in the championship competition and winners receive computers and medals. Over the past 7 years AGBU has provided chess boards, chess clocks, projectors, demonstration chess boards and chess literature to over 1,000 schools throughout Armenia. The winning teams and their trainers have received USB sticks, MP3 players, mobile telephones, laptop computers, monetary prizes and medals from AGBU. Every year this tournament brings together over 15,000 participants, aged 7-17, from over 1,000 schools around Armenia. As a result of the growing interest in the game throughout Armenia, since 2012, chess has been included in the secondary school curriculum. AGBU was also among the co-sponsors of the Pan-Armenian Chess Olympiad, which brought together 40 top-ranking Armenian chess players from the Diaspora, Karabakh and Armenia to compete with one another in their homeland.



AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is an accredited online learning institution that facilitates Armenian Studies through new technologies. AVC Multimedia e-Book Series and courses in Armenian Language, History, and Culture, are offered in seven languages: Eastern and Western Armenian, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Turkish. Launched in 2009, AVC classes are open to anyone interested in Armenian Studies, creating a virtual classroom for students who do not have access to traditional, face-to-face Armenian educational programs, while supplementing the curriculum of those that do. AVC’s mission is to also build a virtual learning community that fosters cultural education and social ties across the globe. The launch of the e-Book Series in 2014 marks AVC's expansion in a new and exciting direction. The e-Books present a wide variety of themes about Armenia: history, culture, tourism, and cover contemporary topics in economy, politics, popular culture, and more. This reader-friendly series is presented in a language and style that serve the interests of a general audience. The e-book’s content comes to life through images, 3D and panoramic views, and videos. AVC partners with educational institutions, community centers and other organizations around the world who add exceptional value in strengthening and supporting AVC outreach and the programs’ impact. To date, AVC has had students from more than 75 countries around the world. AVC e-Book readership has been more geographically diverse resulting in more than 10,000 downloads per year.

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As part of AGBU’s educational objectives a new project was launched in 2012 to support the educational programs of the Republic of Armenia’s Defense Ministry and provide annual scholarships to 4 students competitively selected by the Ministry. Three of the selected four students will study at the American University of Armenia, while the fourth, will continue their education in the USA.



The American University of Armenia (AUA) continues to offer extraordinary opportunities in higher education with Master's degrees in Business Management, Computer Science, Conservation and Engineering, Environmental Science, Law, Political Science and International Affairs, and Public Health. In 2007 the American University of Armenia received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The new AUA Paramaz Avedisian building opened its doors in November 2008. Founded by AGBU and its donors, the American University of Armenia continues to receive support from the Union. Numerous AGBU structures carry out various assistance programs at AUA, one of the most important being the annual subscription to the ACM Digital Library. AUA has initiated a number of changes to expand and develop the activities and educational programs of the University, including the introduction of undergraduate programs in the 2013-14 academic year, an expected 4 fold increase in the number of students by 2017, the expansion of the “Papazyan” library, the development of cooperation with the government, other universities and academic establishments, as well as the launch of the Study Abroad program for foreign and Diaspora-Armenian students. AUA now boasts an alumni network of 2564 graduates and another 1212 current students. 76% of AUA’s graduates live and work in Armenia, while others currently work in foreign countries with a view to return to the homeland. In 2013, AUA and AGBU launched a collaborative initiative to help rejuvinate the workforce in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. To achieve this ambitious goal, AGBU has committed $575,000 over five-years to support a comprehensive Continuing Education Program (CEP) in Karabakh through AUA Extension. CEP will offer six levels of English language instruction and 4 certification tracks in Strategic Management, Executive Leadership, Public Policy Planning & Administration, and Tourism & Hospitality Management.

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